Monday, June 27, 2011

Maryland AT Run - June 25, 2011

L to R; Jimmy Hessler, Betsy Nickle, Donnie Chapman, Gavin watson, Joe Shramka, Jeff Garstecki, Art Perraud, Dwight Mikulis and Greg Lepore

A small group met at 4:15AM on a hot June Saturday morning in Harpers Ferry WV. to carpool from the finish to the start of the 40 mile journey on the Md AT run.
The run officially started at 5:52AM at Pen Mar with a short run north to touch the PA line on the AT, where runners then headed south just 6 miles to the first aid drop at Raven Rock Rd.
After that rocky section, it was on to Wolfsville Rd at about 10 miles for additional aid before the climb up to Annapolis Rock where some took a 1/2 mile detour to check out the view.

We were fortunate to have the parking lot at Route 40 for the 18.5 mile aid where watermellon, gatorade and everything you'd expect was waiting in Doug's car.

We then ran across the I-70 pedestrain bridge and on to Washington Monument State Park, followed by a nice downhill into the South Mountain Inn/Dahlgren Campgound at mile 23.4. Dwight had aid there in his car for everyone and there are also full restrooms and water available at the campground.
The next section is just over 7 miles to Gathland State Park at mile 30.6, where there are soda machines, water and restrooms. From that section it is a 7 mile stretch to Weverton Cliffs, followed by a short 3.3 mile section to downtown Harpers Ferry by way of the pedestrian bridge crossing into West Virginia for a 3 state run.

Some of the finishers enjoy libations and parking lot bathing.

Results of First Semi-supported MD AT Run - June 25 2011
Jeff Garstecki40.9M8:40
Donnie Chapman40.9M10:18
Gavin Watson40.9M10:??
Joe Shramka40.9M10:??
Betsy Nickle40.9M11:00
Art Perraud40.9M11:00
Greg Lepore23.4M~
Dwight Mikulis23.4M~
Kerry Owens16M~
Doug Sullivan16M~
Jimmy Hessler12M~

More photos here:
MD AT RUN - Jun 25, 2011

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  1. That 4:15 start time left me reeling. I thought I had it rough having my first spa appointment scheduled for 8 am. :)

    All kidding aside, it looks like a fun adventure.